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Microdermabrasion is an effective cosmetic treatment, used to reduce fine lines, crow's feet, age spots and acne scars. It stimulates the production of collagen, and has proven to be a very popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Microdermabrasion treatments are suitable for all skins.


Slimface Lift

SLIM-FACE-LIFT treatment has been developed for women and men who want to effectively fight the signs of facial aging, without resorting to heavy and invasive surgical treatment, but preferring a natural result.

GenxSkin - COVER.jpg

Gen X Skin

In the GENXSKIN treatment we are going to use all the energy potential of a powerful and innovative agent, capable of stimulating vital cutaneous functions with the aim of restoring the “triangle of beauty".



Here is a complete professional treatment enabling the beauty therapist to treat all problems related to oxygen-deficient skin through four actions:

  • Dynamics of cellular oxygenation

  • Anti-pollution shield

  • Trapping of polluting agents

  • Strong Energizing Power



This is a very powerful treatment giving instant visible and strongly felt results: For skin lacking tone, surface lines, residual scaring, pigmentation spots, dull complexion, excess of dead cells.

Manucure & Pedicure.jpg

Hand and Foot Care

Manicure | SPA Manucure (paraffin bath)

Manicure Gel Polish

Pedicure | SPA pedicure (paraffin bath) Pedicure Gel Polish



Permanent Hair Removal

(by the hour or by the minute).

Drainage lymphatique.png

Lymph Drainage

Therapeutic treatment, given manually, that brings about a better elimination of the toxins.


Hydra Clinic

(Ericson Laboratories)

This treatment is enriched with INTELLIGENT HYDRO-LIPIDS that are able to adjust the skin level of hydration depending on the humidity outside. With their dual performance, they reproduce the role of the CUTANEOUS PHOSPHOLIPIDS in a BIOMIMETIC way and thus recreate the skin’s natural hydrolipid structure.

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 10.45.35

Vitamin Energy

Our VITAMIN ENERGY skincare line is a double treatment enriched with VEGETABLE TAURINE and MULTI-VITAMINS with a high revitalizing power, allowing the skin to maintain or restore all its mechanisms of functioning and bring it a dynamism, a vitality characteristic of a cutaneous youth.



High performance line reducer. High-performance anti-wrinkle treatment. It is the innovative combination of 3 hi-tech active ingredients that act rapidly on facial wrinkles. "No Age VXN" antioxidant that slows wrinkle formation. "BTX" synaptic agent that relaxes skin contraction, leading to wrinkle smoothing. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid to fill the wrinkle.



ACTI-BIOTIC is a range of highly targeted and high performance skin care products dedicated to the treatment of combination to oily skin. Formulated with a powerful phyto-complex, it helps rebalance the skin.

Epilation 2.jpg

Hair Removal

We use warm wax with pine resin and strips (this hygienic method ensures a one time only use.


Body Care

• Body Wraps

• Exfoliation


Synergenic Facial
for Him & Her

A facial with an auricular massage (of the ear) that produces a deep relaxation. It is a high quality personalized treatment using essential oils.

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